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Here you can check for free your faceit stats. (ELO, history).
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Our project collects information about the statistics of your matches, and even your earned points. Just type your name in the search engine, and we will find your stats.
The website is completely free. You can check your progress from match to match and become even better.
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About Counter Strike: Classic Offensive..

Now you can check your ELO points and LEVEL. More options will be added in the future.

Latest profiles

uNderdog92 K/D Ratio: 1.04 Membership: free ELO: 1409 Kondrat173 K/D Ratio: 1.28 Membership: free ELO: 962 DNGRS1 K/D Ratio: 1.46 Membership: premium ELO: 1226 Master_Edwad K/D Ratio: 1.07 Membership: free ELO: 1175 FineMyLoganS K/D Ratio: 1.15 Membership: free ELO: 855 benyreis K/D Ratio: 1.32 Membership: free ELO: 1399 RybaBezOsci K/D Ratio: 1.94 Membership: free ELO: 1265 Croshius K/D Ratio: 1.14 Membership: unlimited ELO: 1047 PitBullAYE K/D Ratio: 1.08 Membership: free ELO: 1992 marz0r K/D Ratio: 1.17 Membership: free ELO: 1679


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Hoitelija K/D Ratio: 1.44 Membership: premium ELO: 3562 bombashow K/D Ratio: 1.48 Membership: unlimited ELO: 3553 Lekr0 K/D Ratio: 1.27 Membership: unlimited ELO: 3487 tabseN K/D Ratio: 1.19 Membership: premium ELO: 3467 ttw K/D Ratio: 1.49 Membership: free ELO: 3453

TOP 5 K/D ratio

Ranking players only those who check FACEIT profile on

milupa89 K/D Ratio: 7.00 Membership: free ELO: 1250 shraxxius K/D Ratio: 6.89 Membership: free ELO: 1490 tanapatmon13 K/D Ratio: 6.68 Membership: free ELO: 1172 Fresh K/D Ratio: 6.67 Membership: free ELO: 700 namae K/D Ratio: 6 Membership: free ELO: 1362