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Our project collects information about the statistics of your matches, and even your earned points. Just type your name in the search engine, and we will find your stats.
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Latest profiles

zetsmr K/D Ratio: 0.93 Membership: free ELO: 1081 Gzr K/D Ratio: 1.21 Membership: free ELO: 1329 hotshott K/D Ratio: 0.94 Membership: free ELO: 1056 SamaraSil K/D Ratio: 1.02 Membership: free ELO: 1532 redcharly K/D Ratio: 1.26 Membership: premium ELO: 1756 recNs K/D Ratio: 1.2 Membership: free ELO: 1417 autowin_exe K/D Ratio: 1.11 Membership: free ELO: 1213 Koski K/D Ratio: 0.92 Membership: free ELO: 1318 erencbk K/D Ratio: 1.18 Membership: free ELO: 1206 aHyKaHaX K/D Ratio: 1.14 Membership: free ELO: 1156


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oskart K/D Ratio: 1.35 Membership: premium ELO: 3498 NeX_tv_ K/D Ratio: 2.01 Membership: premium ELO: 3406 Kairi K/D Ratio: 1.1 Membership: premium ELO: 3405 JW K/D Ratio: 1.14 Membership: premium ELO: 3360 Twist K/D Ratio: 1.23 Membership: premium ELO: 3344

TOP 5 K/D ratio

Ranking players only those who check FACEIT profile on

ZeArthus K/D Ratio: 8.5 Membership: free ELO: 1258 milupa89 K/D Ratio: 7.00 Membership: free ELO: 1250 Fresh K/D Ratio: 6.67 Membership: free ELO: 700 Trenb0lone K/D Ratio: 6.56 Membership: unlimited ELO: 1202 namae K/D Ratio: 6 Membership: free ELO: 1362